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Resources to help you oppose the Expressway

The case against the Expressway – presentation by Hazel Dawe

East West Rail – why it is better than a road

Housing – why the arc will not provide the housing we need.

Economic benefits – analysis as to why the economic benefits are dubious 

The Oxford Cambridge Expressway – time to debate, David Rogers


Please click here to see the excellent presentations for the No Expressway Alliance Conference Bicester, March 2019


On Tuesday 2nd April, Oxfordshire County Council voted on a motion to oppose the Oxford- Cambridge Expressway.  Thank you to all our supporters who wrote to coucnillors and picketed outside County Hall. The Tory councillors voted down  a motion opposing the Expressway which had been agreed between Liberal Democrat and Labour councillors.They then passed a much weakened motion asking for fuller consultation with the public on the principle of an Expressway before any consultation on specific rou

We need people to make this campaign work.  Here’s a few ways on which you can help.

  • Get an organisation that you are involved with to support us.  There are lots of people and groups out there who don’t want this monstrosity wrecking our communities and our countryside.  If your group is onside already then sign up and support us. Download our membership form, fill it in and email it back – see the form for details.
  • Organise a discussion about the Expressway and get people to support us.
    If there’s a group of people you meet with regularly try and set up a discussion. It could be a parish council or an environmental group, but it could be a book club, a walking group, a faith-based organisation, or your Saturday morning sports group.  Everyone needs to make their voice heard on this.  Email us at and we’ll send you a sheet of ideas on how to organise a discussion.
  • Organise an open meeting.
    This might sound a bit scary, but we can help. If you are able to set up a meeting we can supply a speaker and publicity materials – we can pay to book a room if need be too. Get in touch and we’ll call you to talk about it.
  • Offer us your help!
    We need people:  people to spread the word, to help us get organised, to help develop this website (we need you, web people), to boost our social media, to lobby councillors and so much more. 

    If  you want to help stop the Expressway, we want to hear from you! Contact us: