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Expressway – update and the ‘review’ – December 2019

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Last month the Conservatives announced that if re-elected they would review as a priority the Oxford to Milton Keynes and M1 section of the proposed Oxford-Cambridge Expressway and “look to boost rail, local road and cycling schemes instead”.

This is not a cancellation, and it leaves the issue of a million homes in the Oxford-Cambridge ‘Arc’ unresolved, but it is a huge step forward in our campaign against this climate -wrecking proposal. Given that all the other major parties oppose the plan this leaves the planned road without many friends!

Fifteen months ago when we launched the ‘No Expressway Alliance’ a key part of the work was to make this plan ‘politically toxic’. This announcement – just before an election – suggests that we have succeeded. We will of course continue the campaign until the plan is firmly cancelled, but this smells like the beginning of the end.

For more up to date news see the website of our colleagues, the No Expressway Group – which has a great deal of very useful information

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