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No Expressway meeting in Charlton

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On Weds 3rd October North Otmoor No Expressway (NONE) group held a meeting on behalf of the No Expressway Alliance (NEA) to gauge opinion about the Expressway in northern Oxfordshire and Bucks. 26 people from 15 communities across Oxon and Bucks came along.

We heard a lot about the problems that the ExWay (for short!) will cause. It’s clear that the battle about the road is also about how much housing will be built in both counties. There’s people determined to stop this and some communities worried that we can’t. It’s clear that there’s a real need in many areas for a lot more awareness raising.

Chris Church from the NEA and Oxford Friends of the Earth reminded people that at the end of the last big roads programme in 1998 road schemes under development had been cut from 150 to 37. While we here about the big struggles at places like Twyford Down we hear much less about the places where schemes were simply abandoned.

Peter Rutt from the Expressway Action Group (the EAG – most active in southern Oxfordshire) talked about the need for cooperation. Given different viewpoints between group this is something we need to work on. The EAG is currently doing important work assessing areas in the corridor in terms of their wildlife and nature.

A full report of the meeting will be available. Many thanks to Terry Pollard for all the organisation work.

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