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Say No to the Expressway!

The No Expressway Alliance has been formed by groups opposed to government plans for an ‘Oxford-Cambridge Expressway’. This new road, whatever route may be chosen, would have disastrous impacts on Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire. This proposal has been made with no local consultation nor environmental assessment. People’s homes and communities will be blighted for years to come. 

Latest news:

NEA General Meeting
There is a meeting of the Alliance on Monday Dec. 10th, 7.00 -9.00 pm at John Wesley Room, Wesley Memorial
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Sign the new Expressway petition
There is now a petition to Parliament about the Expressway.  Please help to urgently get more signatures on this petition!
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Expressway challenged in court
The Berks, Bucks and Oxfordshire Wildlife Trust (BBOWT) have launched a legal challenge against Highways England for failure to conduct
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No Expressway petition – onwards and upwards!
The national No Expressway petition has now reached over 5000 signatures online – and with several hundred signatures on paper
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A central reason for building the Expressway is to open up new land for housing along the route. Building homes for car-borne commuters in the countryside does nothing to meet Oxford’s desperate need for low cost homes for local people.
The road would:

The No Expressway Alliance members believe that:

  • There is no need for this road and there is no ‘best’ or ‘least worst’ route
  • The plan will not solve the transport problems facing Oxfordshire and will generate more traffic congestion around employment centres such as Oxford.
  • The new road will cause significant loss of irreplaceable nature sites across Oxfordshire and the other affected areas.
  • The increased car journeys will add to air pollution across the county and increase carbon emissions undermining attempts to tackle climate change.

The Alliance wants to see improved transport links through the rapid construction of the ‘East-West Rail’ Oxford – Cambridge rail link. This should be built before any road programme is developed.

The Alliance welcomes any group that shares our concerns as members. We also welcome individuals as supporters. Groups – download and  fill in our membership form by clicking here:

Individuals can fill in the form as above or simply Join us here.

Find out more on this site and follow us on Facebook for updates: